Relieving Pain and Rebuilding Health

Without invasive surgery or risky medications

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Relieving pain from:

Neck, Shoulder, and Joint
Spinal Disc and Sciatica
Sports and Work-Related Injuries


Balance, Flexibility and Mobility
Core Strength
Stamina and Energy

Optimal Musculo-Skeletal Health 

Not All Physical Therapy Is The Same

Pisgah Physical Therapy and Sports Rehab–Pisgah PT, for short–offers the most progressive therapies and technologies available in a state-of-the-art facility. Some our most effective techniques include Primal Reflex Release, McKenzie Evaluation and Treatment, Vibro-Trac, and Pneumex Unweighting Systems.

Combining therapies, equipment, and years of friendly, professional experience, we treat a wide variety of musculoskeletal conditions to help you achieve your health goals as quickly as possible, often eliminating the need for surgery or medications
and their undesirable side-effects.

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