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How Do I Relieve Neck Pain?

Neck pain is a common injury and problem and if left untreated too long can lead to increased pain, TMJ pain/disorders and Headaches. The good news is that if you treat it early, it usually gets better quickly. Most progressive neck pain occurs because of one’s sedentary lifestyle and developing poor “Forward Head Posture” over time. IF YOUR CHIN IS STICKING OUT, YOUR ARE STRAINING YOUR NECK MUSCLES.

Common Neck Problems
• Whiplash
• Neck strain/sprain
• Neck Tension/Tightness
• Pinched nerve/radiculitis
• Headaches
• Joint Dysfunction

Imagine your head is a bowling ball sitting on top of 2 golf tees. (Your head actually is about the size and weight of a bowling ball. The golf tees are about the size and shape of the structures your skull sits on).

Now if you tilt the tees the bowling ball would fall off. Of course your head won’t fall off, but all the ligaments and muscles feel the stress of this weight shift and the result is PAIN! And if they have to work too long and too hard supporting your head the result is neck pain, tension, TMJ pain, headaches, and restricted neck motion.

Headaches can result because the “Forward Head” position causes a backward rotation of the head that then compresses the cranial nerves between the base of the skull and the first cervical vertebrae. This then causes a referred nerve pain to the head much like if you hit your “Crazy Bone” in your elbow and get referred pain down your arm.

Solution? Start moving your neck in a backward position, called a “Chin Tuck”. Do this by a slight tilt of your chin downward as you move your head backward so that it is in more alignment with your shoulders. Another way to accomplish this is to back up to a wall, then try and touch the back of your head to the wall and keeping your eyes at the same horizontal level.

If this doesn’t start resolving your pain and doesn’t start increasing your neck motion it’s important to start physical therapy right away because the longer you have pain the more likely it is to stick around and possibly get worse. Pisgah Physical Therapy treatment may include manual Primal Reflex Release, Myofascial Release, gentle joint mobilization and certain exercises to improve your neck motion and strength.

We can help you learn how to deal with daily activities that irritate your neck. We can also talk to you about what you can do so activities, such as picking up your kids or driving, are less likely to cause neck pain.

Most importantly, seeking treatment for neck pain keeps it from becoming chronic, which is pain that doesn’t go away or keeps coming back. Your muscles like to move so that they do not become weak or stiff. Activities such as walking, swimming, using an exercise bike can help.

If you have pain or limitation in your neck, we can help! Call Pisgah Physical Therapy to schedule an appointment with one of our therapist.